Creating Lovely For Less

A Paper Flower Showcase


Adding Attraction with an array of Paper Flowers

Above: Restaurant decked in different types of white paper flowers


contrasting tints and textures take effect

The black and white photos on this page document parts of an all white paper flower exhibit held at a neighbourhood restaurant and bar. The objective was to demonstrate how simple it is to transform a space using paper decorations. In addition, none of the papers were coloured. I used a mix of coffee filters, cupcake liners, paper napkins and newsprint paper. It proved effective; many people thought they had mistakenly walked into a wedding reception.


Above: Floral mobiles, newsprint paper medallions, and giant paper flowers all hung from the drop ceiling.


Decorate and Disguise A Drop Ceiling

Drop ceilings have a very functional appearance that doesn’t always fit in with the decor we have in mind. The good thing is; their structure make it easy to disguise, camouflage and dress them up. I used simple T-bar Squeeze Hangers to hang all the ceiling decorations without incident.


Centered Amidst The Aisle

Above: Left, tall centrepieces umbrella nearby seating areas


Striking tall and time-saving centerpieces

Tall centrepieces are almost always striking and command attention; too they save time. If you have the space, it’s a great way to eliminate using multiple small arrangements. All you need to do is ensure they are positioned in areas where they won’t create obstructions.


Through the Stems of the Centrepiece

Left: A giant newsprint paper flower captured through the spraying blooms of a coffee filter flowers centrepiece.


Instant Affordable art in giant paper flowers

The giant newsprint paper flower above turned out to be one of my favourite pieces. At the event, it was suspended from the ceiling. But it was structured to be used as wall art. Hanging large single paper blooms on the wall is a great way to add interest to your room decor.


Looking from Far

Right: An aisle framed in all-paper centrepieces and vases, suspended paper medallions and chair backs decorated with paper flowers.


Newsprint paper flowers decoration

Newsprint paper is inexpensive and rips fairly easy. And thats no reason to discount it. It’s a good choice when you need to make a mass of flowers. I used it to create most of the chair back flower decorations at the event. And I was happy with the results. As with any paper, the more you work with it, the better you’ll understand how to handle it. Too, by the time the flowers are put together, they become a much sturdier bunch.


Chairs to Coffee Filter Flowers

Left: Large white coffee filter flowers cover the backs of the dark lacquered chairs.


Coffee Filter Flowers

Above: I can’t begin to express how versatile coffee filters are. To create giant flowers, I used one filter to make a petal and mount it on a paper plate; you can create fairly large flowers using that method. Before mounting the petals to the plate, I create a wire or pipe cleaner loop that allows for hanging or fastening to other surfaces.


Above: A vase made of paper and overflowing with sprays of coffee filter flowers


Coffee filter Fillers

A stitch in time saves nine; and it’s with that concept I came up with these coffee filter fillers. I had a deadline meet and I needed to finish 16 striking centrepieces in little time. Since I’m always looking for ways to get more done in less time, I cut stacks of coffee filters in 3 equal pieces; shaped and glued them to stems and believed they will work as fillers in the centrepieces. I made hundreds of them because I know the simplest flowers en masse can present an outstanding picture. But I didn’t foresee the impact they would make. They were so effective, I skipped the flowers altogether.


A View From Above

Right: Coffee filters centrepiece


Above: Coffee filters, marshmallow roasting sticks, and a tall paper vase make an arresting centrepiece.


Paper Tube vases

The five feet tall centrepiece above is made of paper: The tube vase is 28” high with a 3” wide opening. It is made with poster/Bristol board wrapped in white crepe paper streamers. The flowers were created with coffee filters mounted on marshmallow sticks and exceed 30” in length. It’s a quick and easy DIY project that works when you need big results in little time.


Give reasons to look up

Above: Cupcake liners and cash register tape take the stage


Above: Hanging decorations created with coffee filter blooms on a styrofoam ball.


Decorated from Above

Left: Flowers and circular decorations suspended from the ceiling


Coffee Filter Chair Back Decoration

At right: A large coffee filter flower secured to the back of a chair declares celebration


Coffee Filter Flowers in Colour

The flowers below are samples I created while experimenting. They are never planned; each is the result of a trial. They are all coloured with diluted craft paint. I have a bunch of them pinned to a styrofoam board for reference. The problem is I haven’t documented my experiments. For that reason, I intend to revisit them, record my steps and bring them to you.

For now; I hope you are inspired to reach for some paper and create.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read.