Creating Lovely For Less

DIY Home Decor Simple inexpensive Ideas

The photos on this page are meant to express: Refreshing or sprucing up the decor and fixing pesky household issues can be addressed in simple ways.

On this page: Faux grapes hung from a foraged vine takes the spotlight at ceiling height.

A used-to-be blah backsplash got some oomph from sponged on acrylic paint and stamped stencils.

White sheer tablecloths and cotton sheets filter the morning sunlight at two east facing windows.

Faux foliage work as placemats on a glass top dining table.

Large white tissue paper flowers with gold centres form a valance over lace curtains.

An Ikea dresser placed on the landing at the top of a staircase takes care of some storage needs.

Bring on the colour with a paint, colourful bedding and comfy pillows.