Creating Lovely For Less

DIY handmade Jeans bag

Overgrown handbag collection

I love handmade handbags and my collection grows faster than I can use them. For that reason, I always have a pile to give away. Even with a large family and friends circle, I still end up with more than I need. As a result, I’m currently devising ways to give them to my readers.

In effort to be transparent; the idea of making this bag was more about creating than recycling. I’m happy to tell you that has changed. Now it’s a combination of recycling and creating that inspire me.

In fact, creating this bag left such an impression on my mind, it got me to writing poetry. I wrote 3 poems that give the jeans-turned-bag separate perspectives about being recycled. I admit I was thinking life.

I’ve posted them below: I smile every time I read them and I hope they manage to make you smile too.


Creative Denim Handbag

Made with recycled Jeans: Contrasting bottom panel and pre-made pockets make for a quick and easy sewing project; great for gifts


jeans Perspective: Reinvented

I once lived as a pair of jeans

And served my mistress well

But then, she ceased from wearing me.

Her reason I can’t tell

One day she cut my legs off

Said I would do new things

She then gave me a handle

Lined me; and added string

Now, I sit upon her shoulder

Everywhere she brings

Because I hold her most important

And selected things


Summer Style Handbag

Make A DIY jeans bag a wardrobe staple


jeans Perspective; Curiously Mistaken

My mistress used to wear me well

We both thought she looked great

Her logic then; to show me off

When early and when late

But then, she donned me less and less

Her basis, I’m unsure

Maybe she just got tired of me

I wanted to know more

I waited and I listened

And then, I heard the score

Had nothing much to do with me

It was her growing core


Wear Your Best Jeans Again…

A DIY handmade jeans bag lets you enjoy your old jeans in a whole new way


Jeans Perspective: Focus fear

Yesterday, I heard my mistress say

These jeans don’t fit

Then, she grabbed a pair of scissors

And her sewing kit

I felt a little nervous

When she reached out for her pins

Then, she marked and fastened me

I knew I couldn’t win

Sharp and pointed cruel cutters

Snipped at my weakest pore

Next, the blades went right through me

My legs lay on the floor


Of all the bags I’ve made, I’ve kept this bag the longest; it’s about 5 years old. It isn’t my usual type of handbag but I made it when my jeans didn’t fit anymore and I’ve used it more than I’ve ever worn the jeans. I can safely say it became my favourite bag -a surprise to me.

I hope this has inspired you to recycle the next pair of jeans you thought to toss out. Happy creating!