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Pretty DIY coffee filter flowers (ideas and inspiration)


Coffee Filter Flowers Tall Centerpiece

At right: all of the beautiful paper flowers in the sample centepiece; as well as those in the background, are made using the method demonstrated below.


pretty diy flowers made easy with coffee filters

One thing is sure; you can create beautiful flowers with all types of papers. I made a bee-line for coffee filters because I considered them an opportunity to learn something new. I thought this was my time to create updated versions of my mom’s show-stopping arrangements. Some of the flowers caught my eye on Pinterest. And I saved them as ideas for future projects. They seemed easy and that's what I needed.

My son’s wedding date was some months away. And I planned to make 2,000 plus blooms for the occasion. I wanted the reception to be beautiful. But I aimed for it to be cost-effective as well. So, I got some coffee filters, made some samples, and I got some pleasant floral surprises. Back in 2016, I never checked crepe paper prices and I have no idea what it cost my mother 40 years ago. But for me, choosing coffee filter flowers meant a few things. I got loads of fabulous flowers. I learned a new craft and I stayed within budget.


Above: Made with a total of four coffee filters; a Q-tip and construction paper form the centre; and a marker adds subtle colour to selected petals.

COFFEE FILTERS turn out pretty DIY flowers; whether, white, natural, tea-stained or COLORed

Below are some photos of the flowers I experimented with before the wedding. I used gold tissue paper as centers in various flowers. The couple chose a white on white theme. But to create variation, I stained a quantity of the filters with coffee and tea. Coloring coffee filters are an option but I’ve found the fastest way to the finish line is to leave them white.    Experimenting with different coloring methods is fun though. Explore and you will find the techniques you like most. Furthermore, you may discover some new ones of your own. 

Note As you go through the instructions, don’t limit yourself to only coffee filter flowers. This method will create pretty flowers using any resilient paper. In that case, all you’ll need to do is cut out circles. Then follow the instructions, and make yourself some pretty DIY flowers. You will not create the exact flowers but you will get some pretty ones.


Make Easy Paper Flowers

Made with 4 coffee filters: 3 medium and 1 small. All layers have 7 petals and are cut with edge scissors. The center comprises of a Q-tip colored with a marker and surrounded by two different lengths of fringe. The longer layer is made of construction paper while the shorter is made of fabric.


Quick and easy ways to bring color to white coffee filter flowers

Markers, Colored papers, Buttons, Fabric, Paper, Paper cord, Pom poms, Pencil crayons, Patterned cupcake liners and more.


Below are photos of simple coffee filter flowers with the least bit of added color. En masse, they make show-stopping displays. I don’t set out to make particular flowers that depict nature’s own. That requires significant time and skill. I do several creative things, and I’m always looking for time-saving projects. As a result, you"ll find I seldom use templates. They are wonderful for precision and times when you need identical pieces. The truth is much of what I do doesn’t require it. For the most part, I create flowers with what’s on hand. And I try to align them with the pictures in my head. It’s my go-to when I do all-ages workshops and when I need bulk flowers in a short time. If they look familiar, chalk it up to the environment being our only reference point. 


Making Stems

If using skewers, Q-tip opening will likely be narrower than your stem. In such a case, apply a small amount of hot glue to the stem and attach the swab alongside it. Then, bind with floral tape or masking tape.


Tools and materials you will need

Scissors, butter knife to curl petals (optional)

Glue gun, glue sticks, white glue

Coffee filters, cupcake liners or other paper

Small brush to apply white glue if using

Q-tips, pencil crayons, pompoms, buttons

Wire stems or wooden skewers

Floral or masking tape

Make PRETTY DIY FLOWERS with minimal effort


HOW TO MAKE PRETTY DIy FLOWERS Step by STEP (coffee filters)

Bud and Stem 

Step 1. Cut a hollow swab in half

Note If using skewers, swab opening will likely be narrower than your stem. In such a case, apply a small amount of hot glue to the stem. Then, attach the swab alongside it and bind it with floral tape or masking tape. Hot glue and a strip of paper is another option. Be careful when using hot glue. 

Step 2. (a) Bend one end of the wire with pliers and insert the top of the stem into the swab opening. (b) Cover the wire or skewer by stretching a piece floral tape over the top. Continue twisting the wire or skewer until you have finished covering it.


Making Petals

Step 1 Stack 3 coffee filters upon each other and fold them in half. 

Step 2 Fold the half in thirds.

Step 3. Fold the thirds in two.

Step 4. Use a clip to hold multiple folds in place.

Step 5. Using the single fold side as the petal tip, outline a petal shape. (Note Folded filters represent half petal size)

Step 6. Use scissors to cut out petal shape on the inside of the marked line.

Step 7. Remove the clip and open petals.

Step 8. Use scissors to cut 1 ½” slits between petals toward the center

Step 9. Curl petal edges–roll with a pencil or curl with the butter knife. Too, use the skewer to pierce holes through the center of the filter.

Step 10. Glue and stack pierced petals in an offset position and let dry. 

Step 11. Pinch the underside of the dried and glued petals at the center and squeeze together like a cone. At 3 layers thick, they need to be pliable.

Step 12. Turn over petals and apply glue in a circle about 2” in diameter - around the pierced hole.

Step 13. Push the completed stem through the hole created in Step 10. Do it from the top side of the glued-together-petals.

 Step 14. Use your fingers to manipulate and arrange petals evenly. Squeeze the glued folds toward the stem at the base of the flower and let dry.  

Note The number of steps presented above is there for clarity. Omit as many as you please.


Making Centers

Step 1. Cut a 2”x6” strip of a paper napkin or other paper and use a straight edge to draw a line about 1” above the base.

Step 2. Fold filter multiple times; use a clip to hold folds in place

Step 3. With the straight edge as a guide, use scissors to cut 1inch deep slits to the line. Try to cut fringe as narrow as you can and expect to lose some along the way. (b) Place the opened fringed strip on a smooth surface. Lay the top of the stem on the lower edge of the fringed paper and secure with hot glue.

Step 4. Roll fringe tightly unto stem and glue into place.


Making and attaching centers to stems

Note The type of material you’re using to make centers will determine which glue you need to use. Certain textures will only adhere to your stem with hot glue. I tend to go for the glue gun from the start. 

As you work, bear this in mind. Easy DIY coffee filter flowers should be as it says, easy. Try to keep it a stress-free, do-it-yourself project. 

Have fun, make mistakes, learn from them, and discover your way of making Pretty DIY flowers. 

Coming Up in the next Coffee Filter flowers post: Ways To Colour Filters

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