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I love sewing. But I’ve been trying to diminish my lifelong habit of fabric over-consumption. So, my priority is to utilize my scraps before I buy. If you sew and buy surplus fabric as I’ve done, you probably accumulated a sizeable scrap stash. That can be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. I’ve found the only way to conquer the stash is to create a written stash-busting plan and work towards it. Too, I imposed a “no further fabric purchases” rule -until I tame the stash. It worked wonders.

Avoid making a rigid, hard and fast plan, that causes you stress. Instead, aim for a sewing pace you will enjoy and still feel a sense of achievement.

Below are photos of some of the items I’ve made since I began my fabric fast. I’ve deliberately excluded purses and clutches, pillow covers and the like. And it’s not because I have something against making them. I love handbags and purses in every form and I am just as keen on pretty pillows. But in my experience, scrap fabric creations leave my scrap stash lopsided. Jerseys, knits and other novelty fabrics tend to be the last to go. Not anymore though; now, all my soft, stretchy fabrics get love because I turned them into beautiful unmentionables.

I share these ideas hoping to inspire you to unearth your stash and come up with your own beautiful scrap fabric creations.


fabric scrap creations: quick and easy tops

Above: After seeing something similar on Pinterest, I made those tops for my daughter. It’s a simple concept that uses two rectangles of fabric to make a blouse; omitting the need for cutting armholes and necklines. Since, I’m always looking for pretty easy sewing projects, I went for it. The white one looks most like the original top because I made it first. But I didn’t stop there; I never do. I added tucks to the left shoulder and right hip of the orange blouse for an asymmetrical look. The printed rayon top got an elastic blouson because the fabric showed up insufficient. To fix that added a strip about 6'“ wide around the hipline the to achieve desired length.


beautiful scrap fabric creations can result even when you don’t have enough material

Above: Scrap fabric creations doesn’t always have to be an original idea. Take on an attitude of whatever works. Here, I hacked an old Vogue pattern. The original pattern was a strapless off the shoulder midriff. I added the band to raise the neckline. The featured cut-out at the back is a result of insufficient fabric to cut an entire back piece according to the pattern. The entire top is made with remnants of fabric from a dress I made earlier.


scrap fabric creations for Charity

If you happen to have large amounts of scraps, another way to use them is to sew for charity. It is my biggest scrap stash buster to date. Below right, I’ve made more than 200 elasticized skirts and counting. Go for simple items and make as many you can. I chose skirts because they are the easy. And to speed up the process. I sorted my scraps by color and fabric type; so, I cut and sew one color at a time -no stopping to change thread colors.

scrap-fabric-creations-sewing -charity-skirts

Sew Good Makes for Charity

They don’t have to be fancy; an elasticized dirndl is quick and easy.


Summer Nightie

Made with the scraps from my granddaughter’s bassinet skirt. Her mummy’s sleeping pretty.



The front panel is a small scrap from a knit dress; and the back is another stretch knit scrap.


Tiny scrap fabric creations make useful gifts (things you can make with small fabric scraps)

Below are a series of undies made from fabric scraps. Generally, panties don’t require a lot of fabric. To get making some, you have a few options: draft a pattern if you know how; purchase a pattern and reinforce it for continued use; rip apart an old one and use it as a pattern; or buy an inexpensive pair, rip it apart and copy it. All you need is a small amount of fabric with some stretch and some elastic. If you are using novelty fabrics, you will need lightweight cotton knit to use as lining for the crotch of your underwear .


Scrap fabric creations are worth the effort

I hope I’ve inspired you to use your fabric scraps in ways you may not have thought previously. The projects above only touches the surface of what you can do with scrap fabric. I’m sure you’ve noticed instructions are not included. That’s because I made these items before this post was a thought. I have a lifetime of sewing experience. But I’m new to blogging. So, if you’ll like to know how to recreate any of the items, just ask in the comments. I will answer as soon as I can. Too, I would appreciate your feedback on what you would like to see more of. For now Happy inspiration!

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