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Clever scrap fabric creations

Visiting fabric stores and exploring materials is an exciting adventure for me. And because of my frequent drop-ins, through the years, I acquired an abundant fabric stash and an equally generous fabric scrap pile. Evidently, I overestimated my available sewing time. I always started energized and anticipating timely completed projects. But each time at least one item remained unfinished. Fabrics unsuited for the current season got tucked away. And I got my cue to head back to the fabric store.

In recent past though, I’ve shifted focus from fabric-over-consumption to developing leftover fabric ideas. It’s inspired me to come up with some clever scrap fabric creations.

Amazingly, since I’ve set my spotlight on scrap fabric projects, I get excited simply thinking of things to make with fabric scraps–a first for me.


Hands on Appliqué

Left: Floral motifs used on the baby’s clothing throughout this section are all from the same piece of fabric. The technique offers an awesome opportunity to come up with some beautiful scrap fabric creations.


You might be thinking: What can I make with such small pieces of fabric?

Your answer: There’s a long list of things to make with fabric scraps.

Following are suggested ways to create beautiful scrap fabric creations with small pieces of material.

Things to do with small scraps of fabric

1. Appliqué

What is appliqué?

Appliqué is a decorative surface detail. Generally, it is created by cutting out smaller sections of fabric shapes and sizes and attaching them to larger base materials–with glue, sewing machine or hand-sewing.

What type of fabrics do I use for appliqué?

Floral and other prints, laces and embossed fabrics are clear choices. They make quick work because their patterns are pre-designed and already outlined. You need only to cut them out and apply them to your foundation layer.

What to consider when selecting materials for appliqué

Take care to choose fabrics that are compatible with materials they’ll be attached to. Be sure they can be cleaned, washed and ironed in the same way.

In general, appliqué by hand takes longer than using a sewing machine. But hand-sewing offers superior control when working with small surface areas.

If you prefer to use a sewing machine to save time, set your machine at appropriate zigzag stitch and follow instructions.


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