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Make Paper Napkin Flowers


How to Make flowers from paper napkins

I never thought of how to make flowers out of paper napkins. But like coffee filters and cupcake liners, those pretty paper napkins couldn’t escape my grasp. They came to mind as I explored textures for paper flower arrangements. Available in a plethora of colours, you’ll find paper napkin flowers satisfying and easy to make. Who doesn’t like that? They are fragile though; some more so than others. Depending on the quality, you can dip-dye them without tearing or ripping.


Above: The deep pink paper napkins is an easy craft. Twisting some petals at the tips lends create variation and contrast to the single colour arrangement.


Adding or Removing Colour is easy

Dip-dyeing paper napkins is an easy process. All you need is a shallow container with water; add a colouring agent or bleach to the water; dip one end of stacked and folded napkins in the solution and remove promptly. Removing napkins from liquid quickly is important; as some lighter hues will lose their entire colour. See more about How to dip-dye and make paper napkin flowers here.


Above: Red paper napkins dip-dyed in bleach; pointed shaped petals cut with edge scissors and a centre made of yarn, gives this flower a tropical presence.


Child’s Play Napkin Flower

At left: The 3 ply napkin sported a colourful theme suited to a child’s party. The borders were cut off; the napkins were cut in rectangles, scalloped, gathered and rolled. To keep the fun theme consistent, It got a bright purple glitter pompom centre.


They’ll take a few hours to dry depending on room temperature and stack size. Overnight drying is not a bad idea. Completely dry napkins are less likely to rip or tear during separation.


Out of the Blue

At right: Light blue cocktail napkins were used to make the flower. First, the borders were cut off and scalloped to create the centre. Then the petals were cut, overlapped, gathered; and wrapped around the centre.


Tips on how to make flowers with paper napkins

If you start with coloured napkins, you can eliminate the dyeing process. But adding or removing colour results in more interesting flowers. Opt to cut napkins in rectangular strips or circles to create your flowers. Either technique is easy. See instructions on how to use strip method here. For the circular procedure, you will need to cut napkins in circles and follow instructions on how to make pretty DIY coffee filter flowers here. Besides coloured or white napkins, some other basic supplies are all you’ll need.


You will need


Floral tape or low tack masking tape

Precut wire stems, wire on a roll or skewers

Wire cutters if stems are not precut

Paper napkins

Purchased centers or make your own with cut off napkin borders

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Shallow container with water plus colouring agent or bleach if dip-dyeing


Paper Napkin Flower

Yellow paper napkins dipped in water and bleach solution produced the colour gradation in this sunny flower. The centre was created with fringed border strips.


Leaves and foliage make eye-catching displays

Paper napkin flowers are beautiful and easy to create. The leaves are even more so. To make the ones shown below requires only stems of your choice; glue, scissors and napkins.


Craft ideas with paper napkins

Besides flowers and leaves, you can use pretty paper napkins to make a host of decorations.

For children and adult parties:

Use as an under layer with cellophane to wrap small gifts and favors.

Decorate loot bags with paper napkin flowers or pompoms

Create a garland by tying pompoms or flowers at selected distances apart on a string.

Cut out the center of paper plates or circular pieces of cardboard; reserve the middle for other crafts and glue flowers to the base to create wreaths.

Use wreaths in a number of ways: Hang on doors or windows; lean larger wreaths against a wall; or place smaller sizes at the base of tall centerpieces to create a tiered look.

Use the same principle as above to cut out letters and glue flowers to cardboard or foam board to display names or messages in a prominent place.

Outside of previously mentioned projects, use paper napkin flowers to express your creativity and punch up your room or party decor.

To lively up a room, cut in strips; fold and cut out designs paper-doll style; glue together and hang.

Use them to decoupage:

Clothing hangers

Decorate/decoupage plain paper

Mason jars



Storage boxes

Picture and mirror frames


Modge Podge Ultra permits you to decoupage on fabric for decorative purposes only; more information here.

Since I discovered that, I’ve been thinking to decoupage a number of home decor items including a painted floorcloth. Though, I’m not sure how much underfoot traffic it will be able to withstand but I tend to bend; sometimes break the rules in crafting. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll hang it on the wall. Still, there are napkins, kitchen towels, cushion covers and maybe a valance to be decorated. Who knows? Maybe, I’ll glamorize the back of a slip-covered dining chair; I’ll keep you posted.


Sunny Orange Flowers

This bouquet was made with orange napkins dipped in water and bleach. The centres are created with Q-tips coloured with a brown marker and borders with a fabric fringe. The tip of the same marker was used to create the brown spots near centre, at base of petals.


Are you inspired yet? I hope so. It’s your turn to grab your supplies; maybe have a friend join you and make a bunch of pretty paper napkin flowers.

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