Creating Lovely For Less

DIY Clutch Purses

Complete it with a clutch

They come in all shapes and sizes; they are pretty easy to make; and I love them. None of the styles on this page are difficult. It took me about an hour to make some. The white one is made of unbleached muslin fabric and took the longest to make. That though had to do with the DIY fabric fringe process: Pre-washing, fringing, sewing and washing again.


One-Piece Hidden Zipper DIY Clutch

…no pattern needed; uses one piece of fabric each for exterior panel and lining - 1 hour project


Choose Striking fabric

Above right: It is one of, if not the most, eye-catching bags featured here. That is a direct result of fabric choice. Made from remnants of another project, it demonstrates how working with what’s available is a creative energizer. It drives you to prevail over perceived lack.


Unbleached Muslin Fabric Clutch

A perfect summer clutch - Fringe made with muslin that has been snipped with scissors and put in the wash - from the DIY muslin projects collection. Completion time about 5 hours.


Pretty DIY muslin projects

The off white clutch above was made with unbleached muslin. It is a basic purse with a fold over flap and is usually a short project. What makes the difference here is the added fringe. It’s made of muslin that’s snipped with scissors, put in the washer and dryer before it is attached. More pretty DIY dish towels (Sew pretty DIY Projects) show in detail how to create muslin fringe.


Scrap fabric creations

Above left and centre: Both purses are made with scraps of fabric.

At left: on the front, I used 3 layers: cotton as a base, fuchsia mesh interlayer and pieces of black mesh as an overlay.

Middle: A piece of green burlap; a scrap of cotton sari fabric and a remnant of blue fringe completed this one.

At right: This trapeze clutch was cut from a large scale floral print. It has a hidden zipper and patch pockets on the inside. With its vibrant flower spreading across the front, it’s hard to miss.

diy place-mat clutch purse

Place-mat Clutch

…with zipper pocket - Half an hour sewing project


Lined placemat clutch

If there ever was a jiffy clutch, this is it. The clutch above right was made with a lined placemat; most of the work is done for you. As the he fold over flap doesn’t have a magnetic clasp or other form of closure, I installed a zippered pocket to keep valuables in.

easy-diy-floral denim-clutch
diy round-place-mat-clutch

Denim is easy

Like a pair of jeans, denim delivers. It’s easy to sew and hard wearing. The clutches above at left and right are both made of denim and can withstand as much wear as your favourite jeans.

Above middle: A circle placemat turned clutch; has an inside zipper pocket and is trimmed at the top with a strip of sari fabric.


Faux Fur Trim

…zippered clutch; made with re-purposed fabric. Project completed in roughly one hour plus.


adding accents

Adding an accent to your DIY clutch is a great way to make it stand out. Above: The black and gold clutch makes a striking statement with its black faux fur trim.


Using repurposed materials

The paisley print clutches above were made with repurposed fabric from a thrifted cotton tablecloth. It was circular with an engineered print. In typical form, I cut out the borders and emblems and fashioned the purses accordingly.


Round Placemat Clutch

…with a zippered inside pocket - 1/2 hour project.


Circle placemat clutch