Creating Lovely For Less

Newsprint paper flowers


Above: Create instant art by mounting newsprint flowers on the wall


What’s Pretty frugal and Yesterday’s News?

Newsprint paper flowers! They’re inexpensive, easily accessible and possibly free. Plus there are varied ways to make them; some easier than others. To create simple blooms, utilize the same method used to make tissue paper flowers for children; the steps:

Cut and stack paper.

Make accordion folds.

Shape the ends of the folds/petals with scissors.

Add a stem in the middle with wire or pipe cleaner; string can work for hanging.

Open up the folds.

Carefully, separate layers upward. (Use as much caution as tissue paper; newsprint, though thicker, rips easily.

Aside from newspaper, the list of materials below will help you create troves of beautiful flowers.


Starring Newsprint

Newspaper flowers created tissue-paper-flowers style dress-up the back of the chairs at left.


Materials you will need





Wire stems

Floral tape

Pliers if working with rolls

Glue stick, white glue, glue gun


You won’t need all of the above supplies in every instance.


Above: Newsprint circles; folded, cut and shaped in different sizes and stacked creates another variety of flowers.


borrowed methods from tissue paper flowers

Some of the flowers on this page were made for events; others are samples. Experimenting and learning the characteristics of your paper will allow you to do more than you imagine.


Jewelled Centre Newsprint Flower

Left: The simple 26” wide flower got its dazzling centre from a 4” brooch.


Large size newsprint newsprint flowers

One of the first things I did in my newspaper flower experiments, is I tried making large newsprint flowers in the same way I create giant tissue paper flowers. The results were not the same, but that was mainly because of the texture.


Above: Three layers of newsprint 24” x 18”; gathered in the middle with a pipe cleaner and finished with a sequinned centre.


Continued learning

I delved into using the small tissue paper flowers technique. Again, I had to make adjustments for texture and paper thickness. Using newsprint as a substitute, I made tissue paper flowers for wall hangings; tissue paper flowers with pipe cleaners and no wire tissue paper flowers. In every instance, I learned.


Above: Newsprint paper flower created with 3 stacks of circled petals and a gold tissue paper centre.


Getting more from the basics

Since I needed to make a barrage of large flowers, I decided to use the accordion folding method. And I secured the centers with pipe cleaners. It’s a simple and easy technique. And many of the flowers on this page were created with it.

If you need a large amount of newsprint at a reasonable cost, I got a fabulous deal here.


Sequinned Circles

Make eye-catching contrasts against the recyclable newsprint petals.


Create a paper garden

Whether you’ve made newsprint flowers before or it’s just a thought, following through is worth the while. When I made the first three flowers, it was from newsprint used to wrap breakable items I bought at the dollar store. I never dreamed I would take it this far.


A mountain of Blooms

About 200 newsprint flowers waiting to be packaged and transported


create variety with sizes and scale

Here are some pictures to help you create an assortment of newspaper flowers. I've included suggestions on ways to use them as well. Make it interesting by varying the flower sizes. Small, medium, large, and giant blooms is a good starting point. But any size you want is even better.


Above: Looking towards a restaurant dining room decorated with newsprint paper flowers.


How to use newsprint paper flowers

Make a bouquet

Put them in a vase

Make pompoms, garlands

Design a mobile and hang it

Gift toppers instead of purchased ribbons or bows

Make them flat and use them to embellish scrapbooks or journals.

Create instant art by mounting large flowers on the wall or fix smaller blooms to a flat surface and hang on the wall.


Dip-Dyed Colour

Left: Diluted craft paint gives this newsprint flower its rich hues.


available options

Newsprint paper parallels a painter’s canvas. You can use several options to color it. Keep in mind, unless treated, its natural state is not bright white. For that reason, the color will likely seep through added tints and lighters hues.

newspaper flower-beaded-center-pink.jpg

Centred On Beads

Right: Newsprint laminated in light pink tissue paper wrapped around a beaded ball adds interest.


Design: How to Add colour and interest

Cut different size petals

Alternate layers with other type of paper; e.g. tissue

Use printed and unprinted newspaper

Give a vintage look to petals with tea or coffee

Colour them any way you want; apply colour by dripping it with a dropper or with a brush.

Pour colour in a spray bottle; mist paper or flowers and let dry.

Add pearls, gemstones and buttons to centres; glue or sew.

Dip-dye once or multiple times to create an ombre effect.

How To Make Pretty DIY Flowers (Updated) offers more details on how to dip-dye flowers.


Above: Grass created with newsprint paper painted in different hues of green; then cut and applied to stems.


About Newsprint Paper

It rips easily. And like other papers, it has a grain. Find the grain by ripping the newsprint lengthwise and horizontally. Whichever tears straighter is on grain. Too, it will lie flatter when folded or gathered on grain.


Above: Fringed centres made with painted newsprint and wire stems waiting to be encircled with layers of light pink coffee filter flower petals.


Manipulating paper to form

When gathering or folding the paper, pay attention to petal edges. Wider petals drawn tightly at the base are less likely to tear. To wind petal edges under from an upright position, use a pencil or similar object to curl them. For giant size flowers, use a wooden dowel.


For large flowers Go with the grain

I’ve found gathering newsprint in single layers will likely produce small tears; more so if gathers are against the paper grain. Be mindful when making larger blooms.

newspaper flowers-chair-back-decorations-wedding.jpeg

Chair Back Decor

Large newsprint flowers and muslin sashes adorn the chairs.


Learning from mistakes

Below right: After several hours of hanging, the medallions started losing their crisp edges in some areas. That is in direct relation to the size and weight of the paper. Next round, I will glue the paper together in two or three layers, for larger sized medallions.



The medallions were created with single layer papers.


I hope the contents of this page have inspired you to reach for the closest newspaper and come up with your designs. Remember, it doesn't have to be complicated. Most of the featured flowers were created using the accordion folded method. There, you have it; it’s your turn.

As always, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read.