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Coffee Filter Flowers  ideas and Inspiration


Above: The flowers were created with 3 coffee filters -each cut with 3 petals. They were dip-dyed in diluted craft acrylic paint.


I have a love affair with coffee filter flowers and the flame continues to burn. Part of it has to with, coffee filter flower craft is an easy DIY activity. Ask kindergarten teachers and preschoolers.

You can use them in a number of ways to create different types of blooms from realistic to fantasy. Choose to make them rolled or folded; with stems or without -in sizes ranging from small to large, huge and giant. One way or the other you can turn out a bunch of elegant coffee filters flowers that you will be proud of.


Above: These pastel coffee filter flowers sit at the bottom of a tall two tiered centrepiece in a blaze of glory.


The images of coffee filter flowers on this page are part of my experiments. What usually happens is, if I don’t get the results I want the first time, I add or take away components. When I coloured the pink filters at the very top, I mixed two different paints to achieve the colour. But when they dried, I wasn’t too sure how I felt. So, I went over the centres with different shades of pencil crayons and decided I could live with it.


Coffee Filter Garland

This garland was born out of the need to store hundreds of coffee filter blooms. It’s now my go-to garland to top off a plain backdrop.


Things To Make with coffee filter flowers



Flower ball


Giant flowers

Shower and party decor

Rolled coffee filter flowers

Coffee filter flowers with stems

Realistic or fantasy blooms


Wedding decorations

Wedding and other centrepieces


Besides the above mentioned, there are myriad ways to create and display your coffee filter flowers.

Glue to a dry branches to make them blossom

Use toothpicks as stems and decorate cakes of any size

Without stems they make beautiful gift toppers

Decorate plain cardstock to make place cards and gift tags

Glue them to alligator clips for multi-purpose decorative uses

Wrap their wire stems around favor bags to make pretty closures

Use large coffee filters as gift wrap for small gifts

Decorate party hats and gift bags

Secure stems to a wire circle or disc and hang upside down to create a mobile.


Spouting Coffee Filter Fillers

The fillers are quick and easy to make. Though meant to be fillers. They make quite an eye-catching show on their own.


Ways to colour Coffee filter Flowers

Coffee filter flowers are beautiful with or without colour; and if you decide to colour them, there are several options available:

Coffee stained

Tea stained


Rit dye or other clothing dye

Food colouring

Water colours

Diluted craft paint

Natural dyes

Above:  This elegant flower is made of 4 coffee filters that were dip-dyed in diluted craft paint. The centre is made of paper rope and fabric. The hint of green at the base comes from a marker.

Above: This elegant flower is made of 4 coffee filters that were dip-dyed in diluted craft paint. The centre is made of paper rope and fabric. The hint of green at the base comes from a marker.


A different way to colour coffee filters

Dipping coffee filters in a container of diluted paint or other colouring agent is the common method of adding hue or tint but it isn’t the only technique. You may also brush or paint on colour. This though, means you’ll be painting each filter separately. It might sound tedious but you’ll be adding less moisture to the filters, in which case they will dry quicker than saturating them.

To colour filters by the non saturation method, lay them flat; dip a small brush into the colouring mixture; and apply colour to desired areas. Lay on a paper lined surface to dry.


Above: The pale pink centrepiece though small, has an eye-catching presence. Its green centres are made of painted and fringed newsprint.


Tools you will need

Coffee Filters


Floral tape



Glue gun and glue sticks

Wire cutters if your stems are not precut

Coffee filters: I used round filters for all the examples in this post.

Stems: you may use wire or bamboo/wooden skewers. When using skewers, remember they are stationary; unlike wire, they will not bend.

Floral tape: It comes in different shades of green as well as brown and white. Feel free to substitute with crepe paper streamers, low tack masking tape or fabric strips.

Centers: Choose to purchase centers or make your own. I use both options. One of the simplest ways to create a center is to cut a rectangle and use your scissors to fringe one lengthwise end. Then glue the base of the fringe to the top of stem; roll, wrap and glue again.


Dip-dyed Coffee Filter Flowers

These are made without centres. Because they are structured to hang, the centres won’t be visible. Too, they are dip-dyed after construction; and the moisture causes them to close.


Coffee filters resilient and time-saving

There a several methods of making flowers with coffee filters. Because they are designed to work as sieves, they are naturally resilient. In addition, the precut discs offer several advantages in making-flowers-saving-time. One super easy way to make a coffee filter flower is to gather enough filters to create a flower, staple them together at center point and fluff them out. Then there’s my favourite: fold the filters to the desired petal size and use sharp scissors to cut out petal shapes. When unfolded, you get a layer of connected petals that you can stack curl and manipulate as you desire. Your flower will be slighter smaller than the diameter of your filter. Neither method requires using a template. That though, doesn’t rule out tracing preprinted templates or making your own when you need precise cuts.


Fill Of Coffee Filters

More fillers; only, these have been manually awakened by hand and stems are covered. They are simple and pretty enough to use as wedding decorations or as wedding centrepieces.


Make sizes ranging from small to huge

Regardless of the type of filters you use, you can create flowers ranging from small to giant size–for the giants; you’ll need to mount petals on a base. Complete connected discs of petals can also be cut from cone filters but your flowers will be considerably smaller. Either type will survive most mistakes; even if that involves an unplanned new design. Plan or map out how you are going to cut your filters; even if not using templates. That way, you will make the best use of your paper; and you could save the leftovers for other projects.


Above: Coffee filter decoration hung from the ceiling; made with white coffee filters, wooden skewers wrapped in newsprint paper and poked into a styrofoam ball.


Hanging To Dry

At right, a test batch of coffee filter flowers placed in a vase to dry. When dip-dyeing, I usually dip a first batch and for each one following, I pour additional water to the mix. It creates different values in the tints and shades.


Use different techniques to achieve form

Coffee filters don’t stretch or curl naturally; you have to manipulate them. Do so by gathering the base of petals; curling the top of petals and dampening and squishing the filters. In the case of petals that are connected in disc form, cutting between the sections, affect their form and how they stack on each other–experiment.


Coffee Filter Sprouts

At left; a 24” coffee filter flower sprouts a number of hanging blooms.


Where to find Coffee Filter flowers crafts information

If you’re looking for additional information and ideas to make your own coffee filter flowers and decorations, obtaining information on how to make them is as easy as doing an online search.Do the following online searches:

DIY Coffee filter flowers

Coffee filter flowers Youtube videos

Don’t overlook your local library; there might be a book containing coffee filter flowers Step by step instructions with templates -waiting for you.

You can also find information on coffee filter flowers and a how to make tutorial here.


Hung On Coffee And Dip-dyed

At right: This batch was the first to be dipped; hence their more vibrant colours compared to their above counterparts.


I hope you have gathered some ideas and you are inspired to create. Whatever your mind conjures up, enjoy your coffee filter flowers and decorations.

As always, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read.

If the LORD will, see you next time.