Creating Lovely For Less

Pretty tissue paper flowers


DIY Tissue paper flowers

The flowers on this page are samples; you’ll find them imperfectly so. Generally, I make them quickly; take a picture with my phone; critique and observe them, and revisit them at a later date.

At least half a dozen of the featured paper flowers were created by gathering connected petals and rolling them unto a stem or mounting them to a separate base. For most of the others, I folded the tissue accordion style and secured it in the center with pipe cleaners. I don’t always use folds though. Sometimes, I use my thumb and my middle finger to gather the tissue at the center point and secure it with a pipe cleaner or wire.


Above: Giant tissue paper flower made to hang on a wall or fastened to the back of a chair; either way it’s pretty in pink


Tissue paper flowers are among the easiest paper flowers to make. There are varied ways to make them. And some methods are distinctively called Tissue paper flowers for kids. Typically, that indicates child-friendly and require less adult supervision. Now, that should give you an idea of how simple the process could be.


Rolled Tissue Paper Flowers

No wire needed if it’s mounted to a base


Gathered and Rolled

Tissue paper flowers with pompom centre


working with tissue paper features and options

Remember it rips easily

Vary the sizes of flowers to make it interesting

Make a bevy of them; you’ll find ways to use them

Create instant art: Mounting them on a flat surface and hang them

Make your own a paper indoor garden

Alternate with other types of paper to add interest

Use printed and unprinted layers

Vary petals sizes and shapes

Make pompoms, garlands, and mobiles


Above: A giant tissue paper flower created by gathering and mounting petals on a large paper plate.


Giant tissue paper flowers

Making giant tissue paper flowers for the wall is a great way to create instant art. And for minimal cost, they also make an impressive show when attached to the back of chairs. You might want to consider them at your next event or party. Try them at home too!


Tissue Paper Flowers

Made using gathers and pipe cleaners


Small tissue paper flowers

The flowers directly below the text are small compared to the giant tissue paper flowers on this page. Their actual sizes are about 2 1/2” in diameter; that makes them smaller. They were constructed using the rolled tissue paper flowers method.


recycled tissue paper flowers


Above: Discarded tissue paper from an opened gift, recycled to make a cheerful bouquet


Chalk it up to gathers and Pipe Cleaners

The flowers below were created with white tissue paper. I need pale blue tissue on the spot. So, I coloured the sheets of tissue paper with chalk and followed the gathering and securing with pipe cleaner method. I hope you are now inspired to create some coloured tissue.