Creating Lovely For Less

Scrap Fabric Creations


Topped off with scrap fabric

Once upon a time, this dress was a skirt with an elasticized waistband


Scraps From Start To Finish

Scrap fabric creations come in all forms and with a bit of imagination bits and pieces of scraps can go a long way. The dress featured on this page was a purchased skirt that acquired a new look with a couple pieces of scrap fabric.


Full-length Front View

Shows the five different pieces of fabric used to complete the dress

A black bordered Cotton Flare skirt to start

The Skirt was pretty as is but I lean toward maxi lengths. I wasn’t about to toss it; so, I looked for ways to recycle it; even if not for me. It had an elasticized waistband at the back and I didn’t want to tamper with it. To make things easy, I used a piece of cotton knit with minimal stretch to cut a cap sleeved bodice with a neckline wide enough to pull over the head. I cut the front higher and the back lower -with a plan. I measured the bodice to underbust length and made the underbust measurement the same width as the skirt waistline. Then, I bound the edges of the of the neckline and the sleeves with strips of fabric left over from a curtain project. Binding circles require bias binding in order for it to lie flat. Learn more about binding here. But I used fabric cut on grain. That caused the edges at the neckline to resist lying down; instead, tilted forward at the front and back like a micro cowl. That was the plan.


Full-length Back View

Exhibits the undercuts ties and the lower scooped back neckline

Merging The Skirt and The Scrap fabric Top

Attaching the the skirt to the top was easy. But before doing it I had to think of what the connecting seam would look like. To put it bluntly, unfinished. In order to counteract that, I cut a piece of the same fabric I used for the binding to create a two inch band at front underbust. As the dress was a pullover, it also needed ties to draw it in at the back. Again, I added the ties to the front band at the side seams. I also made them long enough to tie a generous bow with tails long enough to to skim the border of the skirt. That way, the bow tails made a perfect finish; and being that long, it is less likely to be perceived as scraps. It’s a balancing act: The dress is made up of four different pieces of fabric; the paisley cotton skirt; bordered with the plain back cotton; plus the black cotton knit top; trimmed with the silver grey and black fabric -a perfect combination if you ask me.